Remember Roller Skates? Neither do We. We Make Rollerblades.

Here at Kaltik in Dublin 9, Ireland, we thrive on quality control. We take every product we make and obsess over it until it’s perfect from seam to seam.

That’s because when it comes to producing high-quality rollerblades, what matters are mechanical tolerances, durability, materials properties, and dynamics. We know better than anyone that a set of rollerblades won’t move right unless everything is put together perfectly.

Of course, a common sacrificial lamb, when it comes to performance is durability. Not with us. We make everything we build to last, giving just as much attention to durability as we do to performance. After all, this is all we do- it would be silly not to do it damn well, wouldn’t it?

Find us online at to learn more about Kaltic rollerblades.

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