Skate Wheels

There is More to Skate Wheels Than You Might Think

You might think all rollerblade wheels are the same, but you’d be wrong. There are different wheel sizes, shapes, and hardness levels.

Softer wheels are slower but provide more grip. Harder wheels provide less grip but move faster. Beginner wheels have a round edge for easier turning and better grip, whereas more advanced wheels have a thinner edge for less ground contact to generate faster speeds. Bigger wheels are faster and more stable at high speeds. Smaller wheels are slower, and give better stability at lower speeds. Some roller blades use all the same types of wheels and some are built to use a mixture of wheel types for specialized purposes.

No matter what kind of skater you are, here at Kaltik in Dublin 9, Ireland -we have a set of wheels that will suit your skating style and skill level.

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