Skate Frames

Top of the line, Grade A Skate Frames from Kaltik

When it comes to inline skates or rollerblades, most people think they’re just a boot, some wheels, and a series of reckless ideas. While we can’t argue that those three things do play a factor in the sport, there’s really a lot more to inline skates than wheels on a boot.

There are a number of wheel combinations and wheel types. The different types are used for beginners, experienced skaters, and different types of skating. Recreational wheels will have a wider edge for easier cornering, whereas speed wheels will come to a thinner edge for less contact with the ground. Likewise, recreational skates will have taller, heavier ankle support. Whereas speed or training skates will allow for more ankle movement.

Here at Kaltik in Dublin 9, Ireland, we do it all. Get in touch to learn more and find the right skate for you.

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