Everything Rollerblade at Kaltik in Dublin 9, Ireland

There’s something funny about rollerblades and rollerblading. If you enjoy the feeling of streaking through the streets of your home town with nothing between you and the asphalt but some nylon and ball bearings- there’s no better way than with roller blades.

Skateboarding is fine, but it’s not the same. Is it? Of course, it isn’t. For one thing, rollerblading is faster. The blasted things don’t fall off your feet and keep going every time you make a mistake. But most importantly, rollerblades represent a massive technological improvement over a dying art, namely roller skating.

That’s why we make high end and custom rollerblade gear and accessories for rollerblade aficionados. And also because it’s awesome. We have everything from gear for the beginner, hobbyist, to the pro.

Find us online for the finest in rollerblading equipment.

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