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Roller Blades

Roller Blades are for Everyone, Except Those Guys

There’s a common misconception that roller blades are built just one way and that they are basically toys. The fact is, roller blades are made to suit a range of skill levels and specialized uses. Since the sport was invented, the most common configuration was the standard four-wheel configuration.

But today, more advanced skaters are using three wheel configurations, sometimes called “tri-skates.” But there are even more than that. There are two-wheel configurations and even six-wheel configurations, though those are pretty rare. The purpose of all the strange configurations is to enable highly experienced trick skaters to pull off crazy stunts and specialized moves. But for beginners, four wheels are pretty much standard.

Here at Kaltik in Dublin 9, Ireland, we have inline skates for everyone. To learn more, find us online, browse our shop, and get in touch for help finding the right setup for you.

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