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Roman Abrate


French Pro rider Roman has been on top of the game for years now . Recently began skating for USD Pro team and spends most of the year travelling to events worldwide . Be sure to look out for a pro model Abrate Frame in the near future .



   Stephen Swain


From Stockport, England. Stephen has been skating and competing for over a decade now internationally. He has been working at the local skatepark {ukskate} for as long as i remember. He still has a hunger to compete and to push his own limits whenever he puts his skates on.




Eito Yasotuko


Eito and his brother Takeshi have revolutionized vert skating world wide by pushing their own boundaries and limits. They created new tricks on vert to set a path for others. This year Eito won the 2013 World Extreme Games and got his first own signatured pro Kaltik flat frame.

Winston Wardwell


Winston is one of the most technical street skaters from California, since his am Razors edit many years ago still to this date he rips the streets apart. He is one of the newer Kaltik riders on the team and got his own pro model flat frame last year. We hope to see alot more footage and gnarly tech stuff from Winston soon . 


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